Levetop LT32 series MCU

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Levetop Semiconductor introduce LT32 series MCU, which has excellent multiplication ability, suitable for various home appliances, electronic toys, flight controllers and so on. Especially, it apply to various electronic products that can not be satisfied by 8bits or 16bits MCU. 

Levetop announced an new controller – LT7689

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Levetop Semiconductor announced an new controller – LT7689 that combines the Cortex-M4 MCU and the 2D TFT graphics display accelerator.It has high-capacity flash and SRAM, provides multi-group SCI interface s which can be connected to such as as Bluetooth modules, … Continued

High Flying – Serial to WiFi/Ethernet HF2211

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Features: MIPS MCU with 4MB Flash and 8MB SRAM. Run on eCos Support TCP/IP/Telnet /Modbus TCP Protocol Support RS232/RS422/RS485 to Ethernet/Wi-Fi Conversion, Serial Speed Upto 230400 bps Support STA/AP/AP+STA Mode Support Router or Bridge Network Working Mode. Support 10/100M Ethernet … Continued

Winstar – HDMI TFT LCD

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Winstar HDMI Displays are designed to work with the Raspberry Pi or embedded system, single board computers (or desktop/laptops) which with HDMI output. This series display modules come with a control board with HDMI interface; it is designed to make … Continued

Winstar – 0.96” COG+PCB OLED WEA012864D

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WEA012864D-01 Version Winstar released two new COG structure OLED with PCB board models, WEA012864D-01 version and WEA012864D-03 version; these two OLED panels are made of 128×64 pixels, diagonal size 0.96 inch. WEA012864D-01 module is built in with SSD1306BZ IC, it … Continued

Winstar – 0.91 inch OLED Display Series

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The 0.91-inch is one of the most popular sizes of #OLED display in the market. Winstar offers two models of 0.91” OLEDs, WEO012832D and WEO012832F for options. These OLED modules are small, ultra thin, lightweight and low power consumption. They … Continued

Winstar – LVDS TFT-LCD WF104FTIAMLNN0 10.4 inch

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WF104FTIAMLNN0 is a 10.4 inch full TFT-LCD display with XGA resolution (1024 horizontal by 768 vertical pixels array). This module is composed of a TFT-LCD panel, a timing controller, voltage reference, common voltage, column driver, and row driver circuit. This … Continued