Levetop announced an new controller – LT7689

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Levetop Semiconductor announced an new controller - LT7689 that combines the Cortex-M4 MCU and the 2D TFT graphics display accelerator.

It has high-capacity flash and SRAM, provides multi-group SCI interface s which can be connected to such as as Bluetooth modules, WiFi modules, etc. Also provided secondary development to meet more TFT panel applications.

The LT7689 supports serial panel instructions include more than 70 commands such as picture display, GIF animation display, loop chart display, power-on image display, progress bar display, text string display, QR code generation, audio playback, and combined with touch panel to achieve touch function.

With the serial TFT panel development software and simulation tool of Levetop, can quickly complete the small and medium-sized TFT display scheme.

 Levetop new controller LT7689