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TFT - M Series 

Winstar Display launched a new TFT M Series which its called "Clever System" . This is a easy system for users to begin exploring the colorful display on their applications. The M Series has 2 user interfaces which are RS232 and SPI interfaces; it support backlight brightness adjust, PMW signal output and 4 switches button sensor. Winstar Display also design a TFT editing program for end users to design their software more easily. Below is the roadmap for Winstar TFT M Series as reference.

 Key Advantages of TFT  M Series:

► All in One System: We build the micro controller behind the TFT panel, it can driver TFT, backlight and touch panel directly. Therefore, the users don't need to learn how to drive it.
► More Convenient to Upgrade: The software can be upgraded on line to download the new version; therefore, the customers don't need to upgrade via burning machine.
► Less Coding Process: We have UI program which can demo what you want; so you don't need to write any software.
► Reduce I/O Port: The customers can use RS232 or SPI-4 Line to driver TFT directly.

TFT M Series Shorten Develpment Time

Customers can connect Winstar TFT M Series module with the PC by RS232 or USB, therefore the customer can code and design the content in UI. By connecting the Winstar TFT M Series LCM to PC via RS232 or USB, customers can shorten the project development schedule.

Product Introduction:


The first released size of Winstar TFT M Series is 3.5 inches WF35M. This display is built-in control board with RS232 interface which with the outline dimension of 100.0 x 66.44 mm and AA size of 70.08 x 52.56 mm. This model is also Resistive Touch Panel (RTP) optional. Furthermore, the SPI interface of WF35M will be released soon.