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Winstar provides Character OLED display and Graphic OLED. OLED display has featured with the element of “ECO Friendly” as OLED is self emitting and required no backlight which made it very thin and low power consumption and creates less CO2 emissions.

Winstar OLED displays are featured with all the important advantages:

  • OLED has a far higher resolution with a faster response time, greater color production, a wider viewing angle, superior brightness, thin, light weight and contrast
  • Faster response time “At +25 ℃ 10 μsec.”
  • Unlimited viewing angle “Up to 175 degree”
  • Thin - No need of backlight, self emitting
  • High Brightness - 500 ~ 2000 cd/m2
  • High contrast ratio “Up to 2000:1”
  • Wide Operation Temperature “-40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃”
  • Lower power consumption - save 2.4kg CO2 emissions per year
  • Sunlight Readable Technology Option